The Hampton Street Football Club's logo

The Hampton Street Futsal Club’s logo

The Hampton Street Futsal Club was formed in mid-2005.

Originally known as Anger Management (thanks to a deal with the street clothing company ‘Anger Management’ to supply playing shirts), founding captain/manager Grant Rowley had an ambitious plan to begin an indoor futsal team – despite having only four players confirmed the day of the team’s first match!

Rowley rallied a squad of players, including Rowley, Mick Berry, Brett Sandars, Adam Swenser, Pat Howarth and Chris Jordan,

In the team’s first-ever match, held at Albert College, Albert Park, they were defeated 19-1.

That first-up failure relegated the team to one of the lowest grades in the Albert Park Indoor Sport Centres’ futsal competition. It gave ‘Anger Management’ a great chance to gel as a unit, winning its first full season.

Anger Management went on to win its next two seasons before being promoted to higher divisions.

With this promotion came a name change to The Annual Futsal Club in early 2006. The Annual was Rowley’s end-of-season Australian motorsport yearbook.

The Annual FC remained as the team’s title until early 2010. During that time, the team won just a single season in 2008.

In January 2010, Hampton Street FC was born, moving the team to a yellow and black guersey.

It is almost impossible to recall all of the people who have contributed to Hampton St FC’s on-field team, although a core group has been retained since the first season.

The great array of players the team has access to was the catalyst for ‘The Annual Cup’ – an intra-club trophy that is played between ‘The Originals’ and ‘The New Boys.’  The first Annual Cup match was played in October 2008.

Four of the team's outfits. Image taken by foundation player Mick Berry

Four of the team’s outfits. Image taken by foundation player Mick Berry


2005 – Anger Management – a company part-owned by V8 Supercars driver Greg Murphy – assisted in securing the team its first uniform. The long-sleeved outfit wasn’t entirely fitting for a futsal team, but they did the job sufficiently.

2006 – The start of The Annual FC saw the team buy its own Puma shirts – which were probably better suited for tennis rather than futsal. Some shoddy digital printing on silky shirts didn’t stand the test of time, with most of the signage on the shirts peeling off. The shirts were in use for less than 12 months.

2007 – The Annual FC secured its first ‘proper’ futsal shirts in 2007. Team members Andrew van Leeuwen and Tom Shaw bought all of the shirts before Rowley gave the ‘The Annual’ touch with embroidery on the front. The shirts become the team’s main outfit for more than three years.

2010 – Hampton Street FC became the team’s new moniker, and with it came yellow and black striped shirts. Embroidery and sponsorship was taken to a new level. The new Hampton Street logo was displayed on the front, with Drivesafe Australia and JPM Upholstery on the sleeves. The Annual remained on the shirts, represented by an ‘A’ crest on front.

2011 – In December 2011, the team was presented new shirts, with thanks to new team sponsors Kerrick and Autobarn. The prominently yellow shirts feature the Hampton St logo, Kerrick, Autobarn and the traditional ‘A’ on the chest.